With over 35 years of leadership and strategic planning experience, Gail Letts has been breaking barriers and paving the way for women in business.

After a successful career in the financial industry as a top executive and fueled by her passion for supporting the growth and advancement of women in business, Gail founded Letts Consult. Letts Consult is focused on helping organizations implement strategies and programs that attract, retain and develop women to improve their performance and profitability.





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Letts Consult can help your organization develop a thriving, diverse culture of high performing teams. We offer a series of educational and strategic workshops and programs that cover everything from compensation equity and leadership development to gender appropriate communication techniques and more. Sessions are conducted as a group with select teams and also as one-on-one consultations as needs are assessed. We also work closely with leadership to ensure the vision of the company is tied closely into the development and training goals.



A sought-after speaker, Gail has spoken across the country at conferences, symposiums and more. She is ready to motivate and inspire your team on a number of relevant topics including:

  • Leadership for Now and the Future

  • Change Management and Cultural Transformation

  • Motivating High Performance Teams

  • Techniques to Improve Employee Moral

  • Effective Networking

  • Sales Strategies and Sales Management

  • Selling to the Affluent Female

  • Personal Financial Management

  • Building a Personal Brand

  • Career Transformation

  • Becoming an Entrepreneur

  • Women and Philanthropy

  • Managing Corporate Challenges


  • “Gail brings much experience in strategic planning and financial management. More importantly, she is a great listener who asks relevant questions and provokes important conversations to promote progress.”Cathy Sgroi, Head of School, St. Margaret's School


    “Gail was absolutely the perfect person to head up our Executive Women’s Day effort. Her leadership experience and extensive network equipped her with the ideal skill set to assemble a committee of influential women to plan the event. She guided the group in establishing a relevant topic for the day, assisted with attracting exceptional speakers and supported us as we worked to broaden the audience for our golf tournament.”Steve Schoenfeld, Executive Director, PGA Tour


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