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Senior level women are leading the fight for equality in corporate America. They are the strongest supporters of employee friendly policies and procedures and are the champions for programs focused on improving racial and gender equality. Additionally, women business leaders are more vocal in taking a stand on equality issues and mentor and sponsor women of color more than senior level men. (McKinsey report “Women in the Workforce” 2021) But there is MUCH work to be done if America is to truly embrace equality in the workplace with equal opportunities being afforded to all.

The power of senior, and executive level women is significant and by coming together, we have the opportunity to drive a movement of change and inclusivity.

LETTS CONSULT is committed to creating a network of women that includes all regardless of race, colour, language, religion, political or other opinion, national or social origin, property, birth or other status such as disability, age, marital and family status, sexual orientation and gender identity, health status, place of residence, economic and social situation. We strive to create a unique network of women that will reflect the diversity of our country and model true and honest inclusivity.


The Advancement Accelerator Program is a 6 month long peer coaching program, where participants can focus on leadership skills, workplace challenges/opportunities and/or work/life balance. Our Executive Coach will interview each participant prior to the beginning of the program to determine group needs and the program is customized for each audience. All sessions will have a focus communicated in advance with pre-work required.

Participants will meet as a group monthly for a 2 hour discussion and will be asked to make commitments for follow-up. Each participant will be teamed up with an “accountability partner” and will meet with this partner mid-month.

All participants will be asked for commitments at the final meeting and our Executive Coach will follow up with each participant, individually, 3 months after completion of the program.

This program can be delivered virtually or in-person based on the composition and geography of the group. The final session will be in-person at the State of the Woman Conference.

<->Business Clients who have a group of women in a leadership development program
<->Professional and Executive women who self-select to go through program
<->Industry specific groups with commonality who form group (i.e. CREW)

Typical Group Size: 8-10 (Level 1) * Typical group Size: 6-8 (Level 2)**

Level 1*: Leadership Circle members & non-members

Level 2**: Executive Council members & non-members (VP and above)

Schedule: Program to begin virtually in April 2022 and will be scheduled based on the availability of participants

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